University of Newcastle Liberal Students (NLS) was created in December of 2017 with the sole aim of creating an environment for centre-right minded students with an interest in liberal-conservative politics to meet, discuss their ideas and have the opportunity to meet local politicians and business leaders.

We believe that our democracy only works if elections are competitive and ideas presented freely in the public square. We aim to redress the imbalance of political thought and ideas that has developed on campus.




We are affiliated with the Australian Liberal Students Federation (ALSF) and our club President Blake Keating was elected as the NSW Representative to the executive committee.

We offer students the chance to mingle with other likeminded people and build up their beliefs, engage in debate and grow as an individual.

We are aiming to contest all student elections on campus and provide people more choice than just dollar store Marxists and Leninists.

Sometime in the future we will be publishing our own magazine for the consumption of students written by students and special contributors.




If this interests you, feel free to send an enquiry to and one of our executive will be in touch.

We will be holding many events this year so don’t miss out. Join today, it’s hip to be square!