ALSF 2019 AGM Wrap-Up

This year the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation (ALSF) AGM was held in Adelaide, South Australia.

We had a great time meeting Liberals from campuses across the country.

Our President Blake Keating has been elected as the Secretary of ALSF and NSW is well represented with Kael Sharp (WSU) as Publications Officer, Michael Stubley (MQU) as the Disputes Resolution Officer, Zedekiah Sparks (MQU) as the Social Director.

The great Hugh Sutton from South Australia was elected President, the whole executive team represents Liberal students from all corners of Australia and all walks of life.

ALSF has been standing up for the values of Liberal Students since 1948 and we are very happy to be a part of that continuing tradition.

We are looking forward to a big 12 months with the new executive and can’t wait to see the new direction that President Sutton and the rest of the team take this great historic organisation.

With the Hard Left on campuses across the country on the long march to crush the freedoms of thought, speech, association and religion it’s more critical than ever to stand up, unified, and put our case.