Brexit Provides Opportunity for Trade

While Brexit is one of if not the most divisive political issues that Great Britan has ever faced, it provides an opportunity for Australia and other non-euro countries to expand their horizons.

More trade with Britan is good for Australia and good for Britan.

The new Boris Johnson appointed Secretary of State for International Trade Elizabeth Truss spoke to Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham about moving quickly to secure a trade agreement immediately following Brexit.

Minister Birmingham told Australian media “I welcome the incredible enthusiasm of Liz Truss to secure an ambitious Australia-UK deal as soon as possible” “I said last week that I hoped we could conclude a comprehensive deal within months if not weeks of Brexit and Australia stands ready to move as fast as the UK can to open our markets up to one another.”

The enthusiasm surrounding the possibility of a fast deal that could be concluded by the end of this year was increased by Liz Truss saying on twitter “First call with Australian Trade Minister @Birmo and it’s clear we are on the same page, Both totally committed to getting a free trade deal done ASAP. Will be visiting Australia soon to get the ball rolling.”

In a world that is growing more volatile each month, it’s important that we remember who our friends are and remember the old adage ‘nations that don’t trade with each other, shoot at each other’ that’s the power of the opportunity that Brexit brings.

Uniting the West and strengthening our bonds with old friends, while forging new relationships and liberating millions of people with the freedom that free trade brings.

We can’t wait to see more detail about a trade agreement between Australia and the UK.