Budget a Win for Every Australian

On Tuesday night the federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg handed down the 2019-20 federal budget.

It was a win for every Australian.

It was a win for working people with personal income tax cuts for middle Australia, it was a win for small business with extended tax concessions for purchases of new equipment and it was a win for our nation with the first budget surplus in over a decade.

It is a budget that brings together all the hard work that’s been done to repair our budget since 2013.

All this hard work can be summed up with the treasurer said during his budget speech:

Mr Speaker, six years ago when we came to government:

The economy was weakening, unemployment was rising and the budget was deteriorating.

Since then, we have made the right choices, the difficult but necessary choices and our economic plan is working.

Tonight marks the next stage in that plan.

The first surplus in 12 years, and the first repayment made on Labor’s debt.

Lower taxes for 10 million Australians and three million small businesses.

80,000 new apprenticeships.

A $100 billion National Infrastructure Plan.

Record spending on schools and hospitals.

We have done all of this without increasing taxes.

The Australian people can trust that:

Under the Coalition, the economy will always be stronger, allowing you and your family to get ahead.

Under the Coalition, our borders will always be more secure.

Under the Coalition, there will always be more jobs and lower taxes.

And under the Coalition, essential services will always be guaranteed.

Mr Speaker, tonight we have set the course for an even better and brighter Australia.

The government will also allocate $1.6 billion for the link between the M1 motorway and Raymond Terrace, essentially bypassing Hexham Bridge.

This is a critical choke point in our local infrastructure and it’s been long overdue for a solution.

This budget is a win for the Hunter, NSW and all of Australia.