Coalition Returned to Government

“How good is Australia!”

Many expected a loss to the Labor party, however the quiet Australians marched into the polling booths and made their voices heard.

“I’ve always believed in Miracles” said PM Scott Morrison.

It was the result that the Canberra press gallery and the ABC didn’t want. They thought the election was a coronation for a hard-left Bill Shorten led Labor Government.

Labor ran a campaign of class warfare, they ran on climate and they were poised to destroy the lives of over one million retired Australians.

They took Chris Bowen’s advice – “If you don’t like it, vote for someone else” and vote they did.

The biggest results for the Coalition was in Queensland, anger of the delays of the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine’s approval from the Labor State Government drove voters to the Liberal National Party.

When you go after people’s hip pockets and then claim that if they don’t like it they are selfish, they tend to no like you.

This is a great victory for Australia and speaks volumes about the mainstream values of Australians compared to the fanciful dreams of the left.