A-League Shows McDonald Jones Isn’t Fit for Purpose

When the Newcastle Jets made it into the A-League Grand Final many Novocastrians were ecstatic that their home team had the chance to bring home some national gold since the last Jets victory of 2008.

But they were more excited to learn that it would be hosted here, on home turf, at McDonald Jones stadium. When tickets went on sale, they were gone in minutes, the demand was massive for the 33,000 seat stadium. And many missed out on the opportunity of witnessing a piece of Newcastle history being made right before their eyes.

Newcastle has been changing dramatically since 2011, we have more cranes in the sky than ever before, we are hosting some world class events like Supercars and Light Rail is changing the way we interact with our city center.

So why not build a word class stadium for our clearly nationally competitive sporting teams that can host upwards of 50,000 people?

It wouldn’t just be sporting events that this benefits, as a city we host many concerts throughout the year and a new and improved stadium might just be the last piece of the puzzle that can attract some MEGA events.

However, one knows that in Newcastle when you want to build it ‘they’ will come. The ‘save our’ and ‘stop the’ crowd will do their best to hold back the city as they have done with many other projects large and small for decades and they will be egged on by local politicians and the bias Newcastle Herald.

No doubt there would be protest, court challenges and years of public hearings in a vain attempt to placate them. But who knows, if the Jets win the gold they might just put the good of the city first for a change and step out of the way of progress.

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