Message from the Prime Minister

Last week, in Canberra, we put everyone who loves the Liberal Party and believes in our values through a terrible ordeal.

You have every right to be disappointed and I am sure many of you are angry. That’s fair enough.

But we have to put last week behind us and get back to work for the Australian people. There is too much at stake.

Together with Josh, my Deputy Leader, my job as PM is to bring us all back together and focus on the challenge ahead.

It doesn’t matter whose side you are on in the Liberal Party. The only thing that matters now is that we let Australians know that we are on their side.

We are on their side, because of the values and beliefs we hold and share with our fellow Australians.

I know you believe this and I know that’s why you will now join me to take on our Party’s greatest ever challenge, and defeat Labor’s negative politics of envy.

Together we can build an even stronger Australia – keeping our economy strong, keeping Australians safe and keeping Australians together.

I want to thank Malcolm Turnbull for his outstanding service as Prime Minister and Liberal Leader, as well as Julie Bishop as Deputy Leader over more than a decade. And I remain grateful to Tony Abbott for his tireless efforts to return us to Government five years ago.

More than one million jobs later we have much to be proud of, but there is so much more for us to do together. And that is where Josh and I want to take our Party as a new generation.

We need your support to get this job done for our country and for all we hold dear as Liberals.

The Liberal Party is resilient. We have won six of the last eight elections and I plan to make it seven.

Together, let’s get it done.


Scott Morrison (ScoMo)
Prime Minister
Leader of the Parliamentary Liberal Party