Newcastle Light Rail Officially Opened

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Transport Minister Constance were joined by Liberal Candidate Blake Keating in Newcastle today to officially open the Newcastle Light Rail.

This is in the lead up to a community open day on Sunday that will enable the public to ride for free.

The $368 million investment has already transformed Newcastle, last year our city set a new record for the most cranes in our sky at one time.

The NSW Government claims that $3 billion in private investment has been generated since the truncation of the heavy rail line, Transport Minister Constance said “there’s been $3 billion of private sector investment into this city … the fact that there is thousands of new apartments into this city and everyone across the state, even in Bega, is talking about what’s happening in Newcastle”

When questioned by jurnos at the Newcastle Interchange the Premier made a commitment to extend the light rail:

“We said we’d build this light rail, we’ve delivered it,” she said.

“We’ve said we’ll do an extension – it’ll happen.

“Just look at our record; actions speak louder than words.”

It looks like Newcastle hasn’t seen the last of the light rail.