ScoMo Must Press Advantage, Stand Up for Students

It has been roughly two months since the astounding re-election of the Morrison government.

Many people, including provident conservative commentators, assumed that it was almost impossible for the Liberal Party to beat Bill Shorten.

But alas, the voters made their choice and rejected the hard left, high taxing and out of control spending proposals of the Australian Labor Party.

This victory, for the “quiet” Australians as the PM put it, presents two significant challenges for the Morrison administration:

  1. The voter’s decision on the 18th of May was more of a rejection of Bill Shorten and the Labor Party than it was an endorsement of the Prime Minister and the policy record of the government; and
  2. Now that Bill Shorten is gone the government needs to expand its agenda to include more than just personal income tax cuts. People will look to, and expect, the Morrison government to show leadership.

Newcastle Liberal Students would like to see Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party of Australia stand up for the mainstream values that Australians believe.

Those values being freedom of speech, academic freedom, freedom of association, and the right to practice your religion.

An item, for students, that needs urgent attention is the axing of the Student Services Amenities Fund (SSAF).

The SSAF costs Australian students more than one hundred million dollars every year. The SSAF is wasted by left-wing student activists paying for their flights to conferences, salaries for student politicians and paying to facilitate political protests.

That’s not what the SSAF should be spent on, this unfair and undemocratic tax on students should be repealed immediately.

This is an easy and harmless way to instantly take the pressure off students doing it tough and increase their purchasing power.

This is also the time for the Morrison government to push back against the long march of the hard left through public institutions, academia and on our campuses. The hard-line politically correct view of the world the left-wing in this country and in virtually every other western country is totally against what has built this nation and what has kept it great.

Newcastle Liberal Students could not be happier with the re-election of the Morrison Government and the Liberal Party at a state level in New South Wales, but, we will always stand up for the interests of students.

Our club will be working closely with the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation in their campaign to #axetheSSAF and help bring the message to the students on Newcastle campuses.