Wentworth By-Election Shows Change is Needed

Readers are most likely aware that on Saturday the people of Wentworth voted for Independent Kerryn Phelps over the Liberal Party’s Dave Sharma.

As of the writing of this the two party preferred count is:

This result can be disheartening for many supporters of Liberal values, but through this defeat one key element has been left (mostly) unreported by the media, the Labor party suffered a 6.2% swing against them in this by-election and throughout the campaign the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten never visited Wentworth.

This doesn’t speak for the popularity of the Labor platform, in fact the only issues that seemed to garner any attention throughout the campaign were climate policy and completely misunderstood story about gay rights in catholic schools.

Dave Sharma and the Liberal team campaigned on the slogan “A Stronger Economy. A Secure Future” because the aspirational people and the middle class of Australia now know that the only party that has their back is the Liberal Party of Australia.

All of Liberal party faithful were out in force, even former PM John Howard was out talking to voters:

This however couldn’t overcome the feeling of local voters that they wanted to send a message to the Liberal Party that leadership changes were not going to be welcomed as good things that deserve reward.

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on election night “Tonight is a night when we listen, learn and accept the blows”.

During the campaign there was intense speculation in the media that the Labor Party was intentionally “running dead” and throwing it’s union muscle and finance behind Kerryn Phelps instead of supporting their own Tim Murray. Throughout the campaign the Labor candidate said and did very little, all it seemed the Labor members in Wentworth did was place core-flutes here and there.

If you are someone who holds and supports Liberal values of small government, low taxes and small business this result should be a signal that now is the time to get serious about the future of our country; never before have we seen a more radically left wing Labor party that (if the polls are correct) seems to be on track to secure a victory at the next election.

Keep in mind that this position in the polls has not been caused by a drawn out policy debate but rather the internal battles in the Liberal Party, some of these battles have brought about good change, plebiscite selections for Liberal candidates is a great reform that should encourage Liberals everywhere to get involved. However, particular battles have clearly done some damage, now it’s time to stop, it’s time to get serious and it’s time to stop Bill Shorten.

My advice to you if you are a Liberal supporter is to join the party, have your voice be heard and help us keep Australia the great nation that it is today by stopping the radical left and the militant unions from taking control.